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On the 19th of August 1946, Mr. Mario Besozzi founded his first shoe shop at his home in Via Solferino, 4, in the town of Novara. Previously, those rooms had been used by his wife, Dolores, who was an renowned hatter. However, after the second world war, hat fashion was in decline and so the Besozzis turned their core business, which had started in 1934, into that of the shoes trade. As this retail trade prospered, in 1948 the Besozzis moved into their real first shop at 33, Corso Italia, in the main commercial street of the town, just inside the medieval town walls. Shortly after, in 1954, the ever-increasing Besozzi company moved into more modern premises at 26, Corso Italia. Trade carried on there for over 16 years, consolidating its image of reliability on the market.

At the end of the sixties Mario's son, Angelo, entered the company and took a big step forward. Angelo, wanted to make the Besozzi shoe shop the best in town and so in 1971, decided to move to better and larger rooms on the corner of Corso Italia n. 12, which today still remains the headquarters of the firm. Angelo decided to introduce the best shoes brands as Church's in 1969, Tod's in 1979, Sebago in 1983, Timberland in 1985, Prada in 1986 and many others. 


At the end of the eighties the founders sorrowfully passed away, and the present company is led by Angelo and his wife Rossana, who together, took on the work of renewing the property originally built in the 700's , to what it is now a store of modern concepts and headquarters. Inaugurated on the 8th of March 1991, this new shop represents more than 50 years of experience for the Besozzi family in the retailing of high quality shoes and accessories. The elegance of the show rooms has turned the store into a symbol and benchmark for the town of Novara. Angelo also founded in 1996 the first Timberland Store in Bianchini street 8, just in front of the main store.

In 2003 the Besozzi shop was listed as one of the best 50 Italian shops in the Italian version of “VOGUE” magazine.

In 2005, after several but significant posts in various marketing departments both in Turin and Milan, Angelo's son, Mr. Matteo Besozzi, has entered the company. Together with his cousin Barbara, who has worked in the shop as head buyer and seller since 1993, his wife Sara, and 3 sales ladies, Matteo continues the line of third generation with his presence. In 2006, Matteo also founded a new company called Bescom S.r.L. for the distribution, as sole agency for the italian market, of the Norwegian brand SWIMS. In july 2009 Matteo renwed all the internal windows and rooms of the historic store.


As new store owner, Matteo decides to sponsor many different activities for the town of Novara, such as: the recustrution of the medieval castle in 2010; the Novara soccer team as official technical sponsor from 2010 till 2012, including the official " Novara Football Team Sneaker " ; the " Novara Jazz Festival " in 2011. In 2012, Mateo is elected as President of " Federcalzature " for the district of Novara. 


In 2015 Angelo Besozzi is sorely missing following a long illness. In almost fifty years, he has managed to turn a small shop into one of the most exclusive boutiques of Italy. In addiction, his civic engagement in favor of the city of Novara has left important traces of his commitment as the master plan of traffic road map in 1994, and his book " Am Ricordi " of 2013. Famous also his many articles, essasys, columns and reviews about the world of commerce and cultural of his home town. The illness that forced him on a wheelchair from 2007 to 2015 didn't stop him and until his last days, he helped with courage and tenacity his wife Rossana and his son Matteo in leading the family business.



In September 2015, Matteo founded the first O'Bag Store of Novara, in Corso Italia 26 just a few steps from the Besozzi main store.