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Novara ( pronounced “Nuara” in the local Novarese dialect ) is one of the northerns town of Italy with 104.008 inhabitants (2009), more than 170.00 with the surrounding villages of the hinterland, and the capital of the province of Novara in the Piedmont Region. It is the second most populous town in the Region after Turin and stands on an important crossroads between Milan and Turin, Switzerland and Genoa. Novara is very famous in the world for its red wines and rice agriculture, and for being the first Italian city with a Cobblers University. During medieval age, Novara was the Northern Italian capital of shoe-makers.

It is 38 kms east from Milan, 97 kms west from Turin, 24 kms south from the Malpensa International Airport, just 60 kms far from the Swiss border and 147 kms from the Mediterranean Sea and the city of Genoa.

The most important turistic locations in the Novara Province are: the Orta Lake, 38 kms north-east and Arona, in Maggiore Lake, 34 kms north-west. Novara is also just half an hour from many little alps ski stations.

The Besozzi family is one of the most ancient and noble Longobard surnames of the Insubria Region. Insubria is a zone between italian language part of Switzerland, and Italian northerns regions of Piedmont and Lombardy, once populated by the Celtic tribe called "Insubri", defeated and invaded by the Romans in 196 B.C.. When the Longobards came down from west Germany, crossing Switzerland alps passes and following the Ticino River, during the Roman Empire colapse, the Besozzi took place in many important cities of Insubria like Lugano, Bellinzona, Como, Varese, Novara, Milan. Even if with ancient German origins, the Besozzi family became very important during medieval italian history with many famous Counts, Bishops, army and political Leaders, especially at the time of the Milan Dukedom. Actual Besozzi descentants are still living in this same area.

Weather in Novara:

January: -10 / 0 50% snowing
Fabruary: -5 / +5 20% snowing
March:0 / +10 30% rainy
April:5 / 15 50% sunny
May: 15 / 25 80% sunny
June: 15 / 30 90% sunny
July: 20 / 40 90% sunny
Agust: 20 / 40 80% sunny
September: 15 / 30 70% sunny
Oktober: 10 / 20 60% sunny
November: 0 / 15 40% foggy
December:-5 / +5 40% snowing